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Janhvi Kapoor: “I Was Upset With The Way My Security Handled The Fan”



The relationship between  a fan and a star is very sacred. I still remember how kind   Shabana Azmi  was to me when I met her  for the  first time  40 years  ago. We continue to be close friends to this  day.

Among the  current lot of stars Janhvi Kapoor seems to have inherited her  mother  the great Sridevi’s  amazing rapport with fans.

In a video gone viral Janhvi’s  security personnel is seen acting rough with a  male fan who  comes forward at the airport for a selfie.As the fan’s face crumbles(more out  the humiliation than  physical hurt) Janhvi can be seen immediately rectifying the damage. She walks up close to the fan and lets him take the selfie.

Way to  go, girl. I am reminded  of  Janhvi’s mother , always  kind to fans, always  making an effort to be nice to them no matter how uncomfortable the circumstance.

When  I told Janhvi  this she  said. “I felt bad  about the  incident. I got very upset with my security for that. I hope the guy went  home happy.”

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