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Jumanji Will Take On Rani’s Cop Act Next Friday



Frantic attempts are on to avert an inevitable  clash between  Yash Raj Film’s prestigious franchise  Mardaani2  which features  the production company’s co-owner Rani Mukherjee, and the Dwayane Johnson global rage Jumanji.

Jumanji The  Next Level   is being released in  four languages Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu and has the added advantage  of being a  film for  all ages, whereas Mardaani2  with its  sensitive subject matter of  rape, is restricted  to an adult viewership

Trade  experts who don’t want to be named feel  Mardaani should opt out .

“They can  open a week later.Opening  with Jumanji would be  disastrous for Mardaani2  which in any case is not a popular Yash Raj franchise  like Dhoom but more a vehicle  for  the extremely talented Rani  Mukherjee who happens to be Mrs Adi Chopra,” says a  trade analyst.

 Yash Raj films has already  moved  into action and reserved  a majority of the screens  in the multiplexes  next week for their big prestigious release. But would the Jumanji  aficionados be lured?

And  would Yash Raj  finally take   on the formidable  competition? Where does  that  leave the  other  Hindi release  of next week, the  suspense  thriller  The  Body which Rishi Kapoor  shot before his illness  and  treatment , which  took a  year  of his  life. It’s being touted as  Rishi’s comeback film. But  would it be able to withstand  the double competition from  Jumanji  The Next Level and Mardaani 2?

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