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Kangana Lashes Out At Bollywood Again



With tiresome regularity  Kangana comes  out against  her film fraternity each  time  she has a   film on release.

This time  it is  Ashwini  Iyer Tiwary’s Panga which is on  release .And  Kangana decided to do some more name-calling.

This time this  is what she had to say about her fraternity: “They are the most scared human beings I’ve ever seen. They are sissies. They are cowards. They’re spineless people. That’s why they bully outsiders, they bully girls because they are cowards. And I feel there is really no hope for them. We need to stop projecting them as icons, we need to stop projecting them as our torchbearers, we need to see them for who they are.”

The  industry  which has taken a collective  decision to not react to  Kangana’s  periodical tirade,  has kept its cool.

However  one  of  the actors whom Kangana had lashed out against in the past told this writer  off the record,  “By now her  modus operandi  is clear.Provoke  while doing promotions  in  the  hope that some  of us  would react and provide some publicity to her and her film.But sorry, we are not biting the  bait.”

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