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Karanvir Bohra On Those Who Are Shedding Public Tears Over Sidharth Shukla



Sidharth Shukla and Karanvir Bohra

Post the  sudden and shocking death  of  Sidharth Shukla , his colleagues from the entertainment industry  like Vikas Gupta  and Kushal Tandon have expressed disgust at  those  who have  been jostling to make their presence felt at the deceased actor’s residence.

Actor Karanvir Bohra, a  close friend of Sidharth Shukla see  the situation in another perspective. “I don’t see  these people’s  concern as a publicity  ploy. I am moved that even those  who didn’t know Sidharth are  visiting his  mother,posting  their  condolences , sending their prayers on social  media.To me this  proves how  much  Sidharth was loved. He  was  very  popular.  His  going has made a  lot of difference to his  fans and wellwishers. Why presume that  your concern is genuine  while others are fake?”

Karanvir feels Sidharth’s family needs the human touch at this moment of crisis. “Even  if  it comes  from  strangers  , it is welcome. During bereavement the  family likes to hear kind words  about the one  who is  gone. Why are we casting  aspersions  on  simple  heartfelt gestures of kindness?”

 Karanvir  lashes out at the more intrusive sections  of  the media  after Sidharth Shukla’s  demise.  “If you ask me ,  the  ones actually trying to make mileage  out of the tragedy are mediapersons, some photographers who think they have the  right to  shoot  any  one’s private moment just because they have  a camera. I think shooting Shernaaz Gill’s private moments  of grief on  the phone  and  outing it on the  internet  reeks  of  insensitivity. I  think it’s highly   inappropriate.”

Karanvir was called out by photographer at Sidharth’s  residence as “gareeb”  for travelling in a non-luxury car.

Appalled Karanvir  retaliates,  “Was I there to show off my car  and  how  affluent I am? The family is in mourning,dammit! It is such people who  give  a bad name to  the paparazzi.”

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