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“Kartik Aaryan Is Such A Talented Actor,”



Kartik Aaryan

Sameer  Vidhwans , On Kartik Aaryan  & Satyanarayan  Ki Katha

The  very talented  Marathi director  Sameer Vidhwana who made the outstanding cult hit Anandi Gopal in Marathi in 2019  is   now  embarking on  a new phase in his career.Sameer is  all set to make his  high-profile  debut in Hindi cinema  with  a film curiously entitled Satyanarayan  Ki Katha .

This romantic   film to be  produced by Sajid Nadiadwala  will star Kartik Aaryan in  the title  role.

Sameer moves to  his  pan-India  project with a surge of emotions. “I am nervous  and anxious. I am also curious to know  where the journey will take me. I have been working on the script of Satyanarayan  Ki Katha  with my  writer  Karan  Sharma for  almost two  years.When I  narrated  the  script to  Kartik Aaryan he was  most excited. Then I narrated  it Sajid Nadidawala. He  too loved it. It’s very encouraging to see such huge  commercial names being so  passionate  about a different  kind of  love story.”

 Sameer says  Satyanarayan  Ki Katha is a love story with a very tender innocent heart. “Just  like Anandi Gopal which has been  universally liked. I am surprised that even today more than two  years after  it release  I meet people who  are seeing Anandi Gopal on Zee5 and getting deeply moved  by it.”

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Anandi  Gopal  was  the story  of  the first female  doctor  of India Anandi Gopal Joshi who at the age of 9 was married  off to  a widower more than twice her age. The husband encourages and supports her  education and induction  into medical history .

 Says the  director,  “Satyanarayan Ki Katha is again a unique moving  love story. It will bring out a facet of Kartik Aaryan’s talent which audiences haven’t seen so far. Kartik  is  an immensely talented  actor. I  wanted only him  for this role.”

As for  the leading lady, the search is on. “The  female lead is  also  very important. We  are  looking at various names.”

A completely fresh face in the female lead  is not ruled out.

Sameer Vishwans  wants  to   shoot the  film in winter . “Around November-December when love is  in the air.”
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