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Tamil Star Vishal Krishna Injured Again



Vishal Krishna

 Sustaining injuries while shooting his patent  high-octane  stunts  for which he  is known  has become a  way  of  life for  Tamil star  Vishal Krishna. In what could have been a  fatal accident, Vishal hurt  himself again this month during the  shooting of his  underproduction  Telugu film Enemy.

Speaking from Hyderabad Vishal says, “It’s been a hectic schedule. I got injured. I had a really lucky escape.”

 This  athletic  actor is no stranger  to on-location injuries. While shooting for the Tamil film Poojai in 2013  he fractured his hand. Then again in 2014  film while shooting  for the Tamil film Aambala  he tore ligament  during a  fight sequence.  

“Such wear and tear is a part and parcel  of an actor’s life.  If  you want to remain  relatively safe them  go for  a  desk job,” says  Vishal.

  In 2019 Vishal  had  a freak accident while shooting a Tamil version  of  the song Blockbuster when  he  slipped and fell. He had  a twisted ankle  and a  swollen elbow as an instant legacy  of my dancing skills.

Again in 2019 while shooting  for  a film in Turkey Vishal  had a  nasty fall from  a mo’bike which left his leg and  hand injured.

 Vishal  says, “That  was a nasty  fall. But it could have been much worse. So I am thankful  for not injuring myself even worse.Because  it could’ve been really bad.”

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