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KGF Part 2,  5 Ways It Is Upgraded From Part 1



KGF Part 2

KGF Part 2 Facts

  1. The  budget for  the first part was approximately  25 crore rupees. For   KGF2 the  budget is nearly  Rs 250  crores. This should sufficiently  explain  the volume of  upscaling. KGF 2 is  much bigger in scope and size that Part 1. The action scenes are relatively 4 or 5 times larger in scale. There will be almost double the action of the first part in the second. Everything is bigger than the sequel and that includes the action scenes. The fights are going to be bolder and  more  elaborate. Yash said, “Don’t forget there is  the Bollywood action star Sanjay Dutt opposite  me this time. With Dutt and his  brawn power, am I  supposed  to just hang around doing nothing ?My fans will be disappointed”.
  2. Yash wanted a  super-villain to  stand  opposite his heroism.  Sanjay Dutt  was  the  first and only choice  for  the villain’s role.   Yash flew down from Bengaluru with director Prashanth Neel  to Mumbai to convince Sanjay Dutt to play the  super-villain.
  3. Yash and Dutt’s hand-to-hand combat during the  climax  is the  biggest highlight  of Part 2.  Said Yash , “He is our resident warrior, he fought death and  came back  victorious. We  were his fans to begin with. Now  we are  even bigger  fans,” Yash was adamant  on shooting the action scenes exactly the way  they were conceived. He  wouldn’t hear of   shortening the stunts  , let alone  editing them  out. He  shot every single  action scene   through the  pandemic. Anything less  would have been cheating the audience. He has promised his fans  a  bigger  film than the first  KGF film. Anything less than what’s promised would be  cheating the audience, as  far as  Yash is concerned.
  4. There is  another arch-villain in  KGF 2, played  by Raveena  Tandon. She plays  a politician  willing  to go  to any lengths to fulfil  her ambitions. This is  not the  first time that   Raveena  plays  a wily politician. In Madhur Bhandarkar’s  Satta Raveena had played  an over-ambitious politician.
  5. The  advance-booking collections are  massive. Yash and his  producers were adamant on waiting  for a theatre release  for  KGF2. As  the  release date  kept getting pushed ahead, there was   no clear or even hazy indication of when audiences   specially  in  the North would return  to theatres. They were  getting  extremely tempting offers  to break their theatre-only resolve. I have it from a very reliable  source that KGF Chapter 2 has received an  offer  of Rs 255 crores  by a  major streaming platform for a digital premiere.However  there was  no way Yash  would  let down his fans by releasing KGF 2 on the digital  platform. To turn down such an exorbitant  offer  from the  digital platform was  not easy .However Yash  is  a diehard fan  of his fans.Having made the commitment  to  release  the film in theatres only there  was  no way Yash  would  backtrack, no matter what the  temptation .
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