KGF Teaser’s Popularity Goes Through The Roof, Yash To Release Another Teaser

When  Kannada superstar Yash switched off from the world on the eve of his birthday on  8 January he had no idea what  was  in store. The teaser of KGF Chapter  2  crossed  2 million  ‘likes’ in two days , an unprecedented record.

 Yash who has been away from the  the public eye this birthday to avoid his fans from crowding and  breaking the Covid rules of social distancing,  is taken aback by the  development.

“This is  bigger than anything  he had ever  anticipated. Yash and his director Prashanth Neel are  stunned  by the response. Fans  of KGF  want  more. Yash and Prashanth are now planning to release  another  teaser in the next few weeks. Also, the release plans  for  KGF Chapter just got  bigger,” says  a source  very close to Yash.

And  what may those release plans be? “Initial plans of releasing around 2000 prints across India have now been  doubled. The Kannada  film will be dubbed not only in Hindi,Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam   but also in several foreign  languages . KGF Chapter 2 is   going to get a wider release  than any  Indian film across the world.”

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