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Khali Peeli Would It Be A Victim Of Review Bombing?

Khali Peeli Would It Be A Victim Of Review Bombing? 5

Even  before  its October  2 release, the  new  Ishaan Khatter-Ananya  Pandey starrer Khali Peeli(meaning, “for f..k’s sake”  and also referring to  the yellow colour of  the traditional  taxi vehicles  in India)  finds  itself in a series  of  review-bombing controversies.

Or should  we say preview-bombing incidents , since  the film isn’t even  released.

Recently  netizens  decided to take  offence when  the makers of Khali Peeli released a  song called  Beyonce Sharma  Gayi. They even took it upon themselves  to apologize  to Beyonce , as though she were   their favourite sister who had been  dumped by  a dirty  groom  for dowry.

There  is a clear attempt to shoot down the film before release   as it stars  two  star-children  Ishan Khatter and Ananya Pandey.

  But  the biggest  blow  to the  film could prove to be its  distancing from the  Telugu blockbuster Taxiwaala. Fans  of  Vijay Deverekonda were thrilled to bits that their favourite  star’s  film  was being remade  into  Hindi.

 But for  reasons best known to the makers  of Khali Peeli they have chosen  to  move away  from the the Telugu original in  which Deverekonda played  a  taxidriver haunted by  a ghost in  his  taxi.

Both the film’s leading man  Ishaan Khatter and  producer  Ali Abbas Zafar had  admitted to the film’s  allegiance to  the Telugu  film, now being denied.

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Deverakonda’s fans are  unlikely to be amused by this  volte face. As  for  the preview bombing , it  is unlikely to stop  in  a fortnight as  the makers  of  Khali Peeli  are hoping.

“The audience can’t bear to see star children at  the moment specially untalented ones like Ananya Pandey,” says  a senior filmmaker known to introduce new acting talent.

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