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Kriti Sanon: 5 Films Where She Nailed It



Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon, the star in making

Kriti Sanon in Bareilly Ki Barfi

Bitti Mishra,  played  with endearing  vivacity by  Kriti Sanon, is no Sati Savitri.

Thank God for small-town mercies! In fact she adheres to another kind of stereotyping that Hindi cinema has lately embraced. You know, the small town girl who is hip and happy, sassy and sexy, rides two-wheelers and smokes whenever she can get her hands on a cancer stick, and when a prospective groom asks her if she is a virgin Bitti retorts, “No I am not… are you?” Kriti is spunky and in-character even in the scenes where she is not the centre of attraction.

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Kriti Sanon in Lukka  Chuppi

Guddu and Rashmi, two Mathura-based tv journalists, get hitched, fall in love and decide to give ‘live-in’ a chance before settling in permanently. Guddu wants to do “everything” that live-in couples do. Rashmi isn’t biting the bait. But they do end up in bed and soon she whispers the four magic words, “Do we have protection?”. Guddu is ready with an assortment of condoms. Pyar kiya toh dalna kyaKartik Aryan is endearingly guileless and eager to score, while Kriti Sanon is more worldly-wise and slightly annoying in her will to be the dominant partner. Together the couple is a scream.Albeit a stifled one.

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Kriti Sanon in Panipat

The relationships in Ashutosh Gowariker’s  non-hysterical  historical   are  delicately  drawn, none  more so than the one between  Sadashiv Rao Bhau and his feisty wife Parvati.He  is  a doting  loving  protective  husband. She  insists  on  accompanying him  to battle  with an I-will-get-bored-alone  logic. Kriti Sanon  is  a  revelation as  Parvati.  Not  only does she have  a  solid part  to  play in  the  drama, she plays  it with such  disarming  intensity , her eyes  often tell a thousand  untold stories. Kriti simply owns her role.

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Kriti Sanon in Raabta

There is something about Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s  togetherness, something sexy without really getting into the bed or talking dirty the way Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor did in the wretched Befikre, which for all practical purposes, has a sexual pun tucked away the ‘fikre’. Kriti Sanon is remarkably free of inhibition. She exudes a morning-fresh dewiness even in the sweatiest of situation. And it can’t get any sweatier than this: Sushant’s best friend Varun Sharma (the new Shakti Kapor in town) hooks up with a plump and parodic soothsayer who looks at Ms Sanon and grunts, ‘You don’t get much sleep. You are haunted by nightmares’… Sanon looks right back. If she can stare down Sushant’s mock-leeriness, what is a funny-looking card reader?

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Kriti Sanon in Mimi

As a  surrogate-mom  left in the lurch  Kriti Sanon  is  the  best thing  to happen to this  womb-com. As a  womb for hire  Kriti reminded me  of Shabana  Azmi  in Doosri Dulhan and  earlier on, Barbara  Hershey in The Babymaker. The film shows  Sanon has  a long  way to before she  slips  up.

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