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Lata Mangeshkar’s Dream Project To Be A Reality Soon



Lataji Mangeshkar

India’s greatest national treasure  Lata  Mangeshkar  has passed on into the ages. But she  left a  dream behind. And  it is a matter  of great pride and  joy to know that her  family is working  on her dream project full-throttle.

Lataji whom we  lost  four months  ago, had a dream. She wanted to  build a posh old folks’ home  for  aged retired or ailing  actors  of  our film industry.

 Shortly before her going,Lataji had spoken to me about her dream project: “It is such a  joy,  blessing and  comfort  to have one’s family with you in old age. But what about those  who  are old alone in their twilight years? My heart reaches out to  the veterans  of  our film industry who have died alone.Maine  suna hai Lalita Pawarji aur Achla Sachdevji, jo kitne mahaan kalaakar ttthe, unke saath  koi bhi nahin ttha (I’ve heard that  two great actresses Lalita Pawar  and Achala Sachdev died alone). Kitne sharm  aur dukh ki baat hai(how shameful and sad).”

Lataji wanted  to build an elaborate vridh ashram(old folks’ home)where the  old and abandoned  could spend  their last years in peace.

We  now hear  that Lataji’s family is  going full-throttle ahead with the project and  that the Maharashtra  government has already allotted land for the project  probably in Thane.

No dream  of  Lataji  can remain unfulfilled. This dream of building a home for the aged was her most favourite dream. I can see her smiling  down from up there.

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