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Lataji Finds Baseless Rumours About Celebrities To Be Very Sad



Lataji Mangeshkar

If  the Goddess Of All Melodious things  were to know how a section of the media is  spreading alarmist  reports on her health  merely to grab  eyeballs, she  would be   deeply saddened.

 Once when unsavoury  reports  about Mr Bachchan’s health were  being circulated in  desperate-for-attention sections of  the media  Lataji had spoken out against the trend of “killing” celebrities on  social media.

Log aisa kyon karte hain?Unhein kya milta hai(why do people do such things? What do they  get out of it?). I have been  a repeated  victim of this  trend. Logon ne  toh mujhe itni baar maar diya  hai ke mujhe yaad  bhi nahin(I’ve been  killed off so many times I don’t even remember ). To  declare someone ill, or critically ill when he/she is not so, or worse, declare them dead…do people realize how it worries friends, relatives and genuine well-wishers? I request  people to not indulge in such idle click-baiting. There are  other ways  to  get attention rather than  playing with lives.”

This  was what  Lataji had to say on making news by selling  false health  bulletins. I  request  all my media colleagues to give at least Lataji  the respect she  deserves. Calling up her relatives, catching them unprepared  ,  pretending  you  are actually concerned about her health when all you want to  hear is  bad news,  is the worst most depraved  form  of  journalism.

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