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Mahesh Bhatt Advised Rhea To Step Back From The Relationship

If  there  is anything  opposite to Cupid  Mahesh Bhatt was playing that role in Rhea Chakraborty’s love life.

And  there was no salacious intention to  Mr Bhatt’s attempts to make Rhea “step back” from her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Someone very close to Mahesh Bhatt says, Rhea was seeking Bhatt Saab’s guidance in her  relationship with Sushant.He was  guiding as  true mentor.

“It(Rhea’s relationship with  Rajput)  was  going  irreversibly wrong. Bhatt Saab had personally experienced   the same  kind  of  fracture in a love relationship caused by one  person’s  declining mental health in a  relationship. He  knows  first-hand what suffering  this  kind of lopsided equation in a  relationship causes. He advised Rhea to  quit her relationship with Sushant before  it was too late.”

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