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Sushant Smoked Weed, Says His Man Friday



More and  more secrets are  tumbling  out  of Sushant Singh Rajput’s closet.Sadly, the  ‘true confession’ are coming from his  close staff members who think honouring their boss’ memory is  not  important, getting into primetime is.

 We now have a neighbour saying all  the lights in Sushant’s residence were  off by 10 pm  on  June  13. The neighbour found that  suspicious. What about the  people who were at home with Sushant? Did they  find the lights-out to be suspicious?

A staff member Neeraj claims he rolled marijuana joints for Sushant. This  ‘true  confession’ throws  up the  possibility that  Sushant was  possibly  into drugs which at this juncture in his death investigation is  as relevant Sushant liked cheddar cheese.

  These are private matters between   the deceased and   his   close staff members.  By making them public what do  these  tell-tale  types hope to achieve by telling the world about Sushant’s  eating drinking and smoking habits?

There should be  an embargo on what information on Sushant’s life and lifestyle  is allowed  to go into  the  public  domain. By all means, reveal details if they shed light on Sushant’s death. If not,  spare us.

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