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Mani Shankar’s 55-Foot Holographic Hanuman Statue In Hyderabad Inaugrated By Prime Minister Modi



The evening of 25th April saw a 3D laser extravaganza like none other. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the event on-line,  as the 55 foot giant Hanuman Statue at the Seetaramaswami Temple in Hyderabad came alive before a stunned audience.

The show was produced and presented by T S Pattabhiraman Trustee, Sri Seetharamaswami Temple Trust The crowds were ecstatic. They saw Lord Hanuman roar into life in a manner that was purely the stuff of dreams.

This laser projection mapping show was a culmination of years of effort in understanding classical religious art forms in the language and metaphor of high technology.

Filmmaker, tech expert and Guinness world record holder MANI SHANKAR(16 December, Tango Charlie and Knockout ) visualized, designed and directed the 3D Laser Projection Mapping show.

Mani Shankar describes his effort as ‘Re-imagining Divinity with Reverence’. “There’s a concept known as Praana Pratishta in Hindu Ritualism, where a statue metaphorically comes to life by performing the correct procedures. What we have done in this show is to re-imagine that in visual emotive terms. As they watch, if people feel an added wave of bliss and reverence to Lord Hanuman, our efforts have borne fruit.”

This is the first laser projection mapping show on a religious icon  from Kerala.

Mani Shankar and his team are Mobile 3D Lifesize holography experts, for which he holds the Guinness world record. They also work with AI integrated  Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

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