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Bail Granted,  Mannat Prepares For The Prodigal Son To Return, Therapy For Aryan?



Shah Rukh Khan and aryan Khan

There are  no discernible  changes  at Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat 

as the family’s eldest-born heir-apparent returns home after nearly  a month  of imprisonment  for  charges which at most, seemed eminently  bailable  from the start.

Why  was Aryan kept in custody when he  wasn’t  even found in possession of drugs?As  the  allegation and  counter-allegations against the Narcotics Control Bureau fly high,  the  Khans have  decided to distance themselves from the  NCB controversies completely.

“The main concern  at the moment is the mental and  physical  health of Aryan. How much has  this one month  in the  harsh prison environment  affected  him?  This is  the  question that  will have  to be answered,” says  the friend.

A thorough health check-up is the  only outing  Aryan can  look forward  to  in the coming days.

Therapy is  also being considered.

Says  the  friend, “How much  has this one month affected Aryan physically and emotionally? We  have no  way  of knowing until he is back home .And even then  it may  take  some time  until the  extent and impact  of  Aryan’s experience manifests itself.”

In the meanwhile no  visitors, no partying  for  Aryan  Khan.

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