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Mr Bachelor Is A Tasteless Unpalatable Soggy Sex Comedy



Mr Bachelor

Mr Bachelor

Rating: * ½

There is much more to Kannada cinema than  Yash  and KGF.  If you really want to believe that Kannada cinema  can be effective if it wants to, then this is not the place for a merit test.

Director  Naidu Bandaarru’s Mr Bachelor is a  terribly tasteless tacky and cheap comedy with little  sense and zero sensibility. True, it steers  away from overt vulgarity and double-meaning dialogues. But double meanings can only happen to comic situations that have  any meaning in the  first place.

In Mr Bachelor the  comedy  track is  so aggressively  and incurably  dimwitted the  film feels  amateurish  and  clumsy from the  first frame . The joke on the hero Karthik(Darling Krishna) is that he is desperate to  get married , as his pious mother has brought him up  to believe that  marriage is the greatest celebration of life.

Little  does he  know.His  prospective  bride whom he meets  at a  coffeeshop,  is shocked when Karthik tells  her he is  “pure” which in  other  words means he has not slept with anyone as yet. Bride-to-be wants an “experienced” husband  . Marriages  in this case are made in heaving.

Then begins Karthik’s desperate attempts to lose his virginity with the  help of his three brainless sidekicks.The narrative  obstinately  collides into its own selfmade pitfalls,  reducing the one-line joke  to a feeble attempt at  doing a new twist to the sex comedy. Except that the punchline is  absurd and terribly awkward.

To make  virginity the crux of  a prospective   marital  alliance is not only illogical it is crass. By what yardsticks  the makers  thought this  perverse  premise  to be funny,one doesn’t know.

Mr Bachelor is  a shoddy  poor comedy. The women who come  forward  to sleep with the  hero are  all judged by their physical  appearance. One  prospective ‘de-virginizer’  is rejected because , as  Karthik’s  friends observe, she is too much  of an aunty.  Another woman, a sex worker, looks at the hero and says she is willing to sleep with the hero for free.

 By the  time this ‘comedy’ makes up its mind to stop pretending to be funny, we are way past caring. Avoid  like the plague .

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