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Nawazuddin Is Back In Mumbai..And Guess Whom He’s Missing




Nawazuddin  Siddiqui’s extended  lockdown holiday away  from Mumbai has ended. He is  back  in the city to shoot  for  the  new projects that he  has  signed during the lockdown.

“It’s time to  get back to work. I’ve  gone through  numerous scripts  in my home in Budhana,”  he informs.

No dearth of offers?  “None  at  all. I am not looking to do author-backed roles. Nor  am I  insisting  on  doing only feature  films for theatres. I am open to any offer on any platform, OTT  or theatre,  as  long   the  role  poses  a  challenge beyond what I’ve already done.”

This means  we won’t get to see Nawaz  play  gangsters and outcast for a while. “The characters I will play  in 2021  will surprise everyone, including me.”
Back in  Mumbai Nawaz  misses  two  of  his most favourite  individuals  back home in Budhana.

“I miss my Ammi and my dog Tiger. They are  very close to my heart.I wish they would be here with me.Unfortunately  Ammi  won’t come away from her  home. And Tiger is needed  over there more than here,” sighs Nawaz, as he  admits that he hardly has  time to  feel lonely.

“There’s so much work to do. So  many peaks to conquer. I watched  a lot of world cinema  during the lockdown. Compared  to the  international actors, I haven’t even started as yet.”

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