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When R D Burman Made Vinod Chopra Call Up His Wife Asha Bhosle



When R D Burman Made Vinod Chopra Call Up His Wife Asha Bhosle 12

Like  any possessive  wife Asha Bhosle hated to see her husband work with any other woman. A hugely talented music composer R D Burman was  allowed  to work with only one other  female  singer  by  his wife, and that was Asha Bhosle’s sister Lata Mangeshkar . When  it came to other female singers, RD had to think twice…and thrice.

 It was therefore a moment of stark terror  for RD when filmmaker Vinod Chopra announced  to RD that his main female vocalist in 1942: A  Love Story for the leading lady Manisha Koiralawould be Kavita Krishnamurthy.

So  frightened  was RD by his wife’s expected reaction to this mike-casting against her interests that RD  insisted  Vinod Chopra call and have a  chat with Asha Bhosle.

Says a  source from the  unit of  1942:  A Love Story. “Pancham(RD) was not willing to comply with  Vinod Chopra’s wish (of  using Kavita Krishnamuthy’s voice) unless he   told Ashaji that the decision was Vinod  Chopra’s and Pancham had  nothing to  do with it. Only then did RD record the  beautiful melodies in 1942  in  Kavita’s voice.”

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