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Not Many Know These 10 Unknown Facts About Mallika Sherawat




3.      Billed Reema Lamba in her first film. In Murder she abandoned that name to adopt  her mother’s name Sherawat.


She also abandoned all her legacy from the past including a pilot-husband.


4.      First film as leading lady Khwahish was directed by Mallika bhakt Govind Menon.


A scene by scene word by word rip-off of Erich Segal’s Love Story the film boasted of a record number of kisses.


5.      Didn’t get along with her Khwahish co-star who complained the director was too besotted to pay attention to anyone except Mallika. Mallika didn’t get along with Murder co-star Emraan Hashmi either.


Surprisingly she hit it off with Rahul Bose the most. They did the successful  Pyar Ke Side Effects and the flop Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam together.


6.      Conservative father never approved of her ambitions. The daughter and father remained  hostile towards one another for a very long time


while her Mallika’s mother and brother were cool about her ambitions from the start.The cold war ended when Mallika became what her official website describes as a ‘Bollywood superstar’. A debatable, claim like all her other claims.


7.      Made her affections for  Dharmendra very clear while working with him in one of her early flops Kiss Kiss Ki Kismat.


Claimed her mother had a crush on Garam Dharam.Mallika’s unstoppable attention embarrassed both Dhamendra and his wife Hema Malini.


8.      Claimed to be  a virgin while shooting Murder. Told this writer she lived like a nun. Didn’t specify which convent she belonged to.


9.      Claims she has  a thriving career awaiting in Hollywood , that she knows half the celebrities in Hollywood and has selfies with them to prove it.


However her only ‘American’ film Republic Of Love is shelved has been shelved for years now.Her other firangi film Hisss finished off American director Jennifer Lynch’s career.Jennifer told this writer it was a nightmare trying to make Hisss. And  sources from the American film industry claim she has never been approached for  any other project.


10.  Dirty Politics is Mallika’s first Bollywood film in four years. Her last release Kismat Love Paisa Dilli (KLPD, ahem ahem)


effectively killed off her co-star Vivek Oberoi’s career as a leading man . In her her entire Bollywood career of 12 years she has been in 13 flops and only 2 hits .We are not counting the item songs.

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