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“Not True,” Says Alia Bhatt About RRR Replacement Rumours



The vicious campaign to slander smear and  downsize  the  Bhatt family has now  gone South.

Leery sensation-hungry portals are now writing  obituaries for Alia Bhatt’s career by claiming that she  has been dropped  from  Rajamouli’s RRR and  replaced with Priyanka Chopra.Why Priyanka? You may well ask? Is  it to give 

Alia Bhatt quells all  these rumours stating very clearly, “Absolutely untrue.”

Alia’s family is extremely worried  about the incessant  targeting  of Alia.

“She is taking it on her chin. She is a  positive person. But  the  constant slamming  is getting to her. What is her  connection to Sushant Singh Rajput?Why is Alia being hounded? Those who are championing  Sushant’s cause are putting  Alia in exactly the same situation  of helplessness that they  thought  existed in  Sushant’s  life.The hounding has  begun to  trouble her , ” says a source very  close to  Alia.

While Rajamouli refrained from commenting a source very close  to the  director says, “We’ve no idea when and where  this came from.Alia Bhatt is the  chosen one for  the character she plays in RRR. There is no question of replacing her.”

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