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Nawazuddin Finally Breaks His Silence On Sushant



Nawazuddin Finally Breaks His Silence On Sushant 10

Nawazuddin Siddiqui says he is still processing Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. But is reluctant  to talk about it.

“He was so   full of life. He was a born conversationalist. He  liked to  engage  people in  conversations. He could  spin a  magic with words.  You were simply charmed into being attentive when he held forth  on any topic  under  the  skin.”

     Nawaz met  Sushant  and spent time with him. “I met him on several occasions. And we  really liked one another. I could feel  his positive  vibes  every time we met. Which is  why I found it hard  to believe when  he was suddenly gone. How could Sushant Singh Rajput be done with  life? He  was  so  full of  life and ideas,” says Nawazuddin  Siddiqui.

Nawaz  is very  impressed by Sushant’s selection of roles. “He was  a big star. He could have done  the  biggest of blockbusters. Instead he  did  Byomkesh  Bakshi and Sonechiriya. Sushant  was  a true artiste.He  was driven by  a passion for his work. Money meant nothing  to him.”

Nawaz  feels pained to hear the  things being  said  about Sushant.  “Who are these friends  that are talking about him? Did they even know him?”

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