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Sushant’s Family Lawyer Made To Eat Back His Words

No One Killed Sushant….He Was  Not A Jobless...Victim Of Nepotism!
Written by SKJ Reporter

Many  victims  of Kangana Ranaut’s  acid tongue felt  elated when the late Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh  declared Ms Ranaut’s  nepotism attacks on  Karan  Johar,Alia  Bhatt, etc  to have no relation to Sushant’s death, that she  was doing her own  thing.

 Now,  in a volte face  that has left  the lawyer red-faced  Vikas Singh has been made to  eat his words .

Sushant’s sister has  also expressed her  solidarity with  Kangana   on social media.

 Say a source,  “While  Sushant’s  father’s lawyer  rightly accused Kangana Ranaut of  harbouring her own agenda, Sushant’s  family seems to have a  very  definite  plan as  to where  they want to take the case . Having Ranaut on their  side is  certainly helping  Sushant’s family to stay in  the news.”

According to  sources  close to the family the only member of Sushant’s family who is  in the  legal battle for nothing  but  justice  for Sushant    without any  hidden agenda is his father.

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