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OTT-Clash Of The Titans: Farhan Versus Farhaad



OTT -fahadh faasil and farhan akhtar

Two intense, toooooo   intense,  leading men  vied for the  OTT space  this week.

Farhan  Akhtar and  Fahadh  Faasil are separated  by  several cultural factors. But when  it comes  to  cinema  they are both  joined at the  hip. Here  are 5  factors that unite the two  fabulous actors.

  1. Besides  the  letter  ‘F’,  Farhan and Fahadh share  a lot in common. They  are  both method actors. They try to take on only one project at  a time  and they  do not  hesitate in  going  all  out to give their characters   the right  look and emotions.
  2. Farhan and  Fahadh gained  oodles of weight to look  their parts  in  Toofaan and   Malik. Farhan  had to  look like  a boxer  gone to  seed  with  a potbelly  while  Fahadh  undergoes a  number  of  physical transformations   as his character ages  from  his  20s  to his  60s.
  3. Both Fahadh  and Farhan  play  Muslim characters  from  the ghetto who rise  to become names  to  reckon with. Fahadh’s  Sulaiman Malik  becomes  a champion of the  downtrodden. Farhan becomes the champ  of  the boxing ring.
  4. Interestingly, both Farhan in Toofaan  and Fahadh  in  Malik play   characters based on  real persons. They are  however seen as  fictional characters  to avoid  any controversies. In  conversation with me Fahadh described  Malik as a  “fictionalized  version of facts”.  Farhan  says , one come across  many  boxers  like  Aziz  Ali  rising from  the ashes in and around Haryana..
  5. Both Toofaan and  Malik were  designed  for  the  big screen  but have now been  released  on  Amazon Prime Video.
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