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Farhan Akhtar Getting Trolled For Celebrating Diwali!!!



Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar Getting Trolled For Celebrating Diwali Is Proof Of How Low We’ve Fallen , Legal Action To Be Taken

The abusive tone  of the trolls  who attacked Farhan Akhtar after pictures of  him doing puja for Diwali went viral,has  not rattled the Akhtar family , only exasperated and  incensed them.

A  source  very close  to  the family tells me, “We  believe in the oneness of  all  gods. Farhan Akhtar’s father is  Muslim. His  mother is Parsi and she celebrates Diwali every  year for as long  as she can remember. For Farhan celebrating Diwali comes as  naturally as  celebrating Eid . Where did the trolls  come in?”

The source adds that legal action is being taken by the Farhan Akhtar family.

“Javed  Saab(Farhan Akhtar ’s father Javed Akhtar) feels letting go of the  hate-filled comments    is playing into their hands. At the same time he  also feels that  giving  the haters and abusers attention is  doing what they want. Normally  the family ignores  online abuse.  But this time the hate quotient is way too excessive to be  set aside,” says  the  source.

 It’s time for  the haters to be named shamed and jailed.

Farhan  remained  unavailable  for comment. He has been advised to let the legal team handle the situation.

Some  time time ago while speaking on the responsibilities of being a celebrity Farhan had said to me, “It’s very important to try to be the best human being that one can be. That doesn’t mean you try to be or do things that you are not.  Everyone makes mistakes. I am quite certain I’ve made my share of mistakes. But the important thing is to TRY and do the right thing. To remember that the public’s eyes are on us all the time. So  try to be on your best behaviour as much as possible. One may not always succeed. But there is much to be said in favour of a  sincere attempt to do the right thing.”

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