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Pahlaj Nihalani Lashes Out At The Ban-The-CBFC Brigade


Mukesh Bhatt feels the CBFC belongs in the garbage  can?

Many people would have the same opinion about some of the films he produces. It’s all a matter of perception. But why does he suddenly have these hate pangs about  the CBFC?

Because you gave a ‘UA’ certification to the beloved children’s story The Jungle Book?

Correction. I didn’t. The CBFC, an organization appointed by the Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting ministry , of which I happen to be the chairperson, thought it sensible and wise to grant the Jungle Book a ‘UA’certificate.

But your board member Mr Ashoke Pundit has been quoted as saying the decision was yours, not the CBFC’s?

I have nothing to say about his comments. But as a board member he is not allowed to give out confidential information on a public platform, specially when it is not true.

Pankaj Nihalani

Censor Board Chief- Pahlaj Nihalani

Coming back  to Mukesh Bhatt’s objections to the ‘UA’ for Jungle Book….

Why is he talking about others’ films? Didn’t have his own release Love Games this Friday? Why is he so bothered about Jungle Book’s certification when the producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor has gone on record  to say he has no problem with  ‘UA’ for Jungle Book.And there’s one thing that people opposed to the ‘UA’ certification for Jungle Book need to realize.

What is that?

The film has been given the same rating all over the world in  the UK, USA, Canada ,the Philippines.In the US and UK   it’s been given a ‘PG’ , parental guidance, rating which is the equivalent of our ‘UA’. Would Mukesh Bhatt like to throw the American and British censor board in the garbage can as well?

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