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Priyadarshan Breaks Bollywood Filmmakers’ Silence On  Kashmir Files




So far, not a  single filmmaker has come  forward  to say anything, negative   or positive on Vivek Agnihotri’s historic hit The Kashmir Files.

Almost every  filmmaker I asked to comment on the phenomenal  success   declined to do so on-record.

Except  the super-prolific Priyadarshan whom I asked if the The Kashmir Files will impact the content  of  Hindi cinema  .

 Priyan  replied, “Something  unusual  is always attractive  in cinema. Behind  the success  of any film in the history  of world  cinema  is that it touches  some  chords  of human heart  regardless of politics  and religion .This  trend will continue.”

Priyan is  the  second prominent  film personality  to speak on The Kashmir Files  after  Aamir Khan.

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