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Priyanka Chopra Plays A Bereaved Beloved In Her Next Hollywood Outing



Priyanka Chopra

Finally Priyanka Chopra is actually doing another film.Reports  of  her joining  Keanu Reeves   in his next Matrix  film(clearly  a misconceived PR exercize)   notwithstanding, Priyanka  has  wangled what looks like her  most powerful Hollywood  sojourn  to date.

 In  Text For You, to be  directed by  Jim Strouse , Priyanka  plays a woman grieving for her dead  fiancée  who  starts texting  her  dead  lover on his old cellphone to  deal with her  grief. The  film was earlier made into  a  very successful   German film titled  DMS Fur Dich in 2016. It is an author-backed  powerful dramatic role for Priyanka and something she hasn’t done  in quite a while.

 Interestingly  the  director  Jim Strouse’s debut film Grace  Is Gone  in 2007 was  also about dealing with  bereavement. Looks  like Text For You  would have a lot  of  scope for  Priyanka to sing. But she  isn’t singing. Not this time. Celine  Dion is.

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