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Radhe Becomes Salman’s Lowest Rated Film On IMDB



 While  the  PR machinery  is going  ballistic  claiming that  all previous records  have been shattered, blah blah, the truth  about the  the latest Salman Khan starrer Radhe Your Most  Wanted Bhai   is very sobering indeed.

No one  , not even his most diehard fan , has liked the  film.

The  film’s rating on  IBDb had fallen to  2.1 on the second day after it started streaming on May 13. Making it the  second-lowest rated  Salman starrer on  IBDb  after Race 3. Now  barely  a week  after  its  premiere, Radhe has the  dubious  distinction  of being  Salman Khan’s lowest rated  film on IMDB.

Nitin Menon a self-confessed Salamaniac , a  16 year old Engineering student who watches every Salman starrer first day  first show says  he is bitterly disappointed. “I want to ask Salman  Khan why he  worked in a film that had  no story. And why is he behaving like  a 24-year old at his age? We want  to see  him in mature roles.”

Yash Patwari, a young 24-year  old  entrepreneur who  hardly watches Hindi films saw Radhe for laughs. “And I  fell of my chair laughing. It is too funny, and I don’t mean the so-called comic scenes.”

Kishan Damani a prominent  distributor from Bihar says, “Radhe fails to live upto the expectation of the audience .Salman needs to be selective as he is letting his fans down with every movie of his .The climax seems to be shot just for the sake of finishing the movie. It’s  big letdown. Except  for  Gunjan Saxena all Bollywood feature films released  directly on OTT since the  pandemic have been disasters. They managed to safely escape  the boxoffice in these unsafe times.”

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