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Rahul Raj Singh Criminal Defamation Against Vikas and Kamiya: “Pratyusha’s Parents’ Greed Killed Her, Not Me”



Five years after her tragic suicide, television actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend model-actor-shows organizer Rahul Raj Singh is still waiting for  a closure to  the case accusing him of abetment  to suicide .

“The Covid pandemic has prolonged  the case much longer than  it  should have. I am waiting for the day when the  court will clear my name. I  know I am not  guilty. I  didn’t kill Pratyusha, her parents’ greed  killed her. She  was  unable to satiate  their endless demands. I tried to save her , not kill her,” says  Rahul Raj emotionally, the memories of  March 27, 2016  still  haunt him.

“I can never forget that day. It is embedded in my mind heart and soul. And the way  Pratyusha’s  so-called friends  Vikas Gupta  and  Kamya Punjabi  tried to pin Pratyusha’s death on me…they have  their conscience and God to answer  to. They know as well as I do that I am not guilty. They also  know why they  did all the tamasha.”


“For  the  publicity. They  maligned me  without a  shred  of evidence. That last phone call that Pratyusha made  to me  does not  have any  evidence  to prove me guilty. Pratyusha does not  accuse me  even once  in that conversation of anything. All her grief and  anger were  directed at  her parents. They are  the  ones who should be held responsible  . In fact when the  honourable  judge granted me   bail  it  was  on the basis  of that last  phone  conversation between Pratyusha and me,” says Rahul Raj.

 He  intends  to  sue Vikas Gupta  and  Kamya Punjabi  for criminal defamation   as soon as  his name is  cleared in Pratyusha’s case. “They have damaged  my life and career beyond repair. No retaliatory action can give me back my   five lost  years. Since I was held  responsible  for  Pratyusha’s death  all my work  dried  up. All that  I had achieved before  Pratyusha’s death is forgotten. My life  has come to a standstill.I will  sue thse two for  criminal  defamation claiming  Re1 as  compensation.”

 Rahul Raj says he  is digusted by  Vikas Gupta’s  claims  of sharing a relationship with Pratyusha . “Ek  mare hue insaan ko  istemaal kar rahe hain . How  low can he fall? Why has he  suddenly woken up to a relationship with Pratyusha  five  years after her death? A  relationship that he  never had with her. She is  not  here  to  refute his claim.I would have known. She  told me  everything. Vikas should show some shame. Using a  dead girl’s name for  publicity is   the lowest he can fall.”

Rahul reveals that Pratyusha’s parents are  in a pitiable  financial condition. “They are in Mumbai living in  shabby  quarters  with no income. Their golden goose is no more. They can’t go back to  their hometown Jamshedpur .Everyone there knows how they exploited  their daughter.”

The  besmirched  young actor has full faith in  the  judiciary.  “I  believe  in  the law  of  the land. The day I am declared  innocent, I will  start my criminal  defamation  proceedings  against  Vikas Gupta and  Kamia Panjabi. I  want  them in jail  for what they’ve done to me.”

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