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Raj Kundra’s Arrest Impact Shilpa’s Hungama Plans?



Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa’s husband Raj Kundra has been arrested for  allegedly broadcasting pornography..

Just when Shilpa Shetty was  ready to make  some  noise  again  on screen, her family  scandal  has  put the brakes on her comeback course.

A huge  disgrace  for  the family  just at the time when  Shilpa was  looking at making a comeback to movies.

One hears Shilpa Shetty won’t be   doing  any more  press  to promote  Hungama 2. Quite  understandable.  No matter how much the publicists  brief  the media delegates  to  “restrict the questions  to the film”  one or the  other enterprising journo is  bound to pipe  in  with  an uncomfortable  question .

The   question now is, should  Hotstar-Disney go ahead with the  planned streaming of  the Shilpa starrer Hungama 2, considering she is  suddenly caught in a serious family scandal?  In  the West when a superstar  like Armie Hammer was  caught in a  sex scandals his films  were either  recalled , cancelled  or shelved.

Preliminary  questioning  shows that Disney-Hotstar has  no plans of  tampering with the streaming plans for Hungama 2.

“Why should  this(scandal)  interfere with  our release plans? It’s her husband, not Shilpa who has  been  booked. Besides, this  is  added publicity for  our film,” one  of the actors from the film who doesn’t want to be  named,informs me.

I reached  out to  director Priyadarshan and  Disney-Hotstar. They chose not to respond.

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