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Rajinikanth’s Health Causes Great Concern




The latest surgery performed  on the  eve of the release of his latest  film Annaatthe  has left Rajinikanth’s family  extremely concerned  about his health.

Many close to him  feel it’s time for the Thalaiva  to hang his boots.

“But he  doesn’t listen to anyone. His wife and daughters are  all in favour of  a serious  slow-down in pace. But he is doing just the opposite. Signing more films. After the  blockbuster  success of  Annaatthe he argues,  why should he   hang up his boots when his fans  still want  more and  more of him? To this, his family has no reply. says he wants to continue working till his last breath,” says  a close friend and colleague .

Significantly there has been  no announcement of a project after Anaatthe.

“Which doesn’t mean he  doesn’t  have  any  offers. It only means  he is spoilt for choices. Every  major director in Tamil Nadu  has a script ready for Rajinikanth whenever he  says yes,” the long-standing friend informs me.

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