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Revisiting Sushant Singh Rajput In Kedarnath Which Clocks 3 Years On 7 December



sushant singh rajput


  1. In Kedarnath Sushant played  a pithoo whose mother loved Lata Mangeshkar’s Lag ja gale se(WohKaun Thi) and she would sing that timeless number to her son. Sushant even  sang the immortal melody  in his  own voice.Sushant admitted the  reference to his  mother and to that beloved song by Lata Mangeshkar had echoes  from his own life.“I love to hear and  sing the melodies from the golden era, specially Lataji. When I got to  sing her song Lag jaa gale se in Kedernath  I was over the moon. It  was  a  dream come true. And  now  I play the guitar  . Being on the  strings is the  biggest bliss  of my life,” said Sushant .He  began to learning the guitar for a proposed film  Takadum to be directed  by Homi Adjania. It was  to  feature Sushant as a  musician ,and Irrfan Khan. Both gone  now.Sushant confessed  he liked nothing better than  playing the guitar. “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Now for Takadum I got a chance to do so.It’s like  a blessing from the Gods to be able to learn a new skill.”Sushant got himself a  guitar guru to teach him the strings. But the method  actor who  prepared  for every character  he played , a skill that his contemporaries know nothing  about, laughed  and and told me  his guitar  guru was  not happy with Sushant.“He thinks I am learning too fast, that I need to slow down.Apparently I’ve picked up the seven basic chords in record time.My teacher  keeps calling to express concern over my speed in learning the guitar. He wants me to slow down.”  But Sushant could not   put fullstops on his urge to imbibe new knowledge. “ I’ve always been restless.Even when I was in a relationship I would find time to be doing my own thing. Basically I am a loner. I enjoy my company more than anyone else’s.But I am consumed by one passion at  a time. Right now it’s the guitar. Even now as I talk to you I am looking longingly at the new love of my life.”Now  the  guitar gently weeps in some  corner  of Sushant’s home.
  2. Kedarnath was  banned in Uttrakhand where  it was shot! Director Abhishek Kapoor whose new film  Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui  releases  this week  was  very upset. “How can they do this? When the Government has  cleared  it, the whole country is watching it, how can they stop my film ? Uttarakhand is an integral part  of  the country.What happens  to  my freedom  of expression? I am  very happy with the laws  of the country. And I am  most willing to work within  the parameters  of  the  law. But those  parameters should be made workable. However  all said and done,I gave  my all to Kedarnath. I completely  believed  in it and  I gave  all of myself to the film. The  feeling of satisfaction  after you are consumed by a truthful  creative process is  almost like  a pilgrimage in  itself. I feel cleansed after making Kedarnath.I
  3. One could see  the intensely passionate  vibes between the  two protagonists. Debutante  Sara Ali Khan gave  her ‘veteran’costar Sushant Singh Rajput a  run for his money.Besides  three words  in their names,  Sushant  Singh  Rajput   and Sara shared another  important trait. They were  very competitive.
  4.  The love story unfolded in  the midst of  a pilgrimage. No Hindi  film  equated  spiritual and  romantic  love so  vividly  before this.Love is  perceived as a religion in Kedarnath.
  5.  Sara Ali Khan became   a star after the release  of Kedarnath. She was  intensely involved in  the process of creating the character  of a Hindu girl on a teerth yatra who falls for the Muslim chap who ferries her across the mountain.The peak is reached in unexpected ways.
  6.  Sushant always  loved to get into the method-actor mould. He actually learnt to  carry  pilgrims as a pithoo before  playing one  in  Kedarnath.After the back-breaking task his back was ready to  give up. His determination was  not affected, though.
  7. This is  not the first time Sushant  played  a Muslim in love with a  Hindu girl. In his rather  memorable guest appearance  in Raj Kumar Hirani’s PK he played a Pakistani  who falls in love with an Indian girl.
  8.  Director Abhishek Kapoor   had earlier  worked a certain magic with Sushant  in Kai Po Che, the film with which  Sushant made his successful  transition from television to cinema.Thereafter they fell out.Kapoor did   the  ambitious Fitoor  with Aditya Roy Kapoor. It flopped.In Kedarnath  the director was back with Sushant and there was magic in the air once again.
  9.  No other recent  mainstream Hindi film was shot  in Kedarnath. Ironically the  priests of Kedarnath were  up in arms against the  film when in fact  Abhishek Kapoor has  paid the most handsome homage to the spirit of the teerth dham.
  10.   Sushant apparently  remained  a  celibate during the  making  of  Kedarnath  to evoke  a feeling of religious  purity within himself.
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