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Rhea Being Blamed For Sadak 2 Flop!!!



Rhea Being Blamed For Sadak 2 Flop!!! 12

Some of  the less well-known news channels  are  trying to find  novel ways of using Rhea Chakraborty’s name to boost their TRPs. One such(Hindi)  channel out-did itself recently by suggesting that Rhea is the new panauti(jinx) in the  film industry,and that anyone associated with her must suffer the consequences. The Channel then goes  on to say that Mahesh Bhatt has paid for  his association with Rhea with the  flopping of Sadak 2.

 Does this mean that  Sadak 2 would have  been a  hit  if  Mahesh didn’t know Rhea?

This kind of  superstitious garbage is  bringing a terrible name  to India in  the international arena. In  the US  a media company has  decided to pull down all the hoardings  funded  by Sushant  Singh Rajput’s fan clubs because the company feels the  campaign for justice for Sushant  is a smokescreen to malign Rhea Chakraborty.

While  a  section of  the electronic media puts up a  bizarre circus of conjecture, hypothesis and fantasy regarding  the nature of Sushant’s death ,  on the  global  platform we end up  looking like primitive untutored  fools who  indulge in a  lipsmacking witch-hunt against  a woman who was  unfortunate  enough to be caught on the wrong foot in her relationship with a troubled man.

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