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Rocky Aur Rani Rock It In The Teaser Trailer



The one-minute-ten-second teaser  of Karan Johar’s  eagerly awaited  directorial  Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem  Kahaani(phew!) is  a nonstop celebration of love, life and family.

We can see it right away in the  fusion of colours(bright but  not gaudy), the swirl of emotions spinning a scintillating  subtext to the  central romance  , and   of course the  underlined  motto:  family  first family blast.

 There are three things that I  immediately saw in the teaser. Firstly, the  undeniable chemistry between  Ranveer Singh and  Alia Bhatt, far more crackling and  compelling  than what she shares  with  Ranbir Kapoor.

Secondly, the mellow  but inviting  music by Pritam. The  background score is  like  a flowery wall-to-wall carpet and Arijit Singh’s song ‘Tum  kya mile’ kind of  describes  the Alia-Ranveer romance without feeding  too  deeply into the  romantic reservoir.

And  thirdly, the senior iconic actors, though peripheral in  the  teaser, are given their  due prominence: the credits read as  starring Dharmendra,Jaya Bachchan,  Shabana Azmi,Ranveer Singh and  Alia Bhatt.Well done, Karan.

There are  other very accomplished actors in  the  film. They will be brought out with  due love  and  affection  in forthcoming teasers. For now  , just sink into the  silken folds of this affluent teaser. In the coming weeks,there will be  a lot  more of it.

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