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RRR Postponed Again!




It looks  like  fans of  Baahubali, Rajamouli, NTR Jr, Ramcharan Teja, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan  would have to  wait for some more time before the release of their  eagerly- awaited  opus RRR.

Breaking-news  that will break millions of expectant  hearts  is that the  new release date January  7 has been cancelled. The  release is now   put off indefinitely.This, in spite of  Rajamouli’s determined declaration that come what may, the  film will release  on January 7.

As they say, Man(even a man as powerful as Rajamouli)  proposes, God disposes.

A  source close to the  mammoth project informs me, “ They are all heartbroken, Rajamouli more so than others. The new release  date had been announced after multiple postponements. The entire team  was promoting the  film vehemently, sure  in the belief that now  nothing could stop the release.”

Sources say  the team is now  exploring  other release options for RRR very seriously.

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