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Same-Sex Marriage Called Off In Ekta Kapoor’s Series



As per plans , the gay couple in the  new  series His Storyy played by  Satyadeep Mishra  and  Mrinal Dutt were supposed  to get married at  the  end  of Season 1 which started streaming this week.

 The marriage  was   called  off.And here is why: the producers Alt-Balaji and  DING  got cold feet  about  showing a  same-sex marriage.

One  of  the actors tells me, “Considering the  way things are at  the moment in  our country  I am relieved that  marriage  didn’t  actually happen.The plan was to end season 1  with a Big Fat wedding showing Kunal(Satydeep  Mishra) and Preet(Mrinal Dutt) tying the  knot. But I think the  producers  chickened  out, at  least for this season.”

Apparently the marriage  may  happen in Season 2, provided the  atmosphere of intolerance that  prevails  in the  country,  dims down.

“Otherwise Season 2  may  not happen at  all,” informs  the  actor.

His Storyy is the  coming-out  story  of Kunal(Satyadeep Mishra) happily married to Sakshi(Priymani) for twenty years when Kunal  comes out gay with a  food blogger  Preet(Mrinal Dutt).

Praise has been conferred on the series for its tasteful aesthetic  presentation of  a sensitive  subject. It’s a  pity that the  makers had  to pull  back at  the  last minute  leaving the  same-sex couple’s relationship without the marital  culmination that it deserves.

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