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Dharmendra Hasn’t Met Hema For More Than A Year



 The  Covid has played havoc with  human contact even between  individuals  who are so close to one another as to be  considered inseparable.

Legendary real-life couple Hema Malini and Dharmendra have  stayed  apart for more than a year. As soon as Covid  raised  its ugly head  Dharamji  locked himself away in his  farmhouse  outside Mumbai  far away  from the madding crowd.

Says Hemaji, “It is  best  for  his  safety.  Right now we would rather think about his health than  about spending time  together. We  are  going through the  worst crisis that mankind has faced  in a hundred years. If we must save  civilization we must be strong , even if it means making  big sacrifices.”

Actor Tanuj Virwani completely   understands where  Hemaji is  coming from.  “My Mom is in Poland with her sister  .She had  flown there with her  dog before the pandemic. Now  post Covid she  cannot fly back as  pets  are  not allowed  to travel.I miss her. But now’s the time to do whatever is  required to free the world from this Covid curse.”

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