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Shabana Azmi’s Raksha Bandhan Gift For Her Brother Baba Azmi



 If there is  one person in Shabana Azmi’s life who is  more  precious to her  than husband Javed Akhtar it is her  brother  Baba Azmi. With the death of  their beloved  mother  Shaukat Kaifi  last year, Shabana  is now  both mother and father  to her sibling.

 This Raksha  Bandhan is  special for Shabana and Baba.

Says  Shabana, “This time  I  am proud to  present  Baba’s  director debut Mee Raqsam which  streams on Zee5  on  August 21. I think Mee Raqsam happened organically. Abba(father  Kaifi Azmi)had once asked Baba many years  ago whether he could consider shooting a film in his  native village Mijwan.”

  Shy by nature, Baba had kept quiet at  his father’s request.

Says Shabana, “ Baba had merely smiled because Mijwan didn’t have even the basic facilities . On Abba’s birth centenary Baba decided to take a 15-year  old girl from Mijwan Aditi Subedi and shoot the entire film in Mijwan . This is the finest tribute he could pay Abba.”

  Her  voice  glowing with  pride  Shabana says, “It’s a human story about the unshakable bond between a father and daughter.It comes straight from the heart and the climax is a big surprise . In these dark times its a film that elevates you and gives you hope.”

Shabana rushed  on Raksha Bandhan to  tie  rakhee on  her brother’s wrist.

Says   the  legendary  actress  and doting sister, “Baba’s home Zeest in Khandala  in very close to our  home  Sukoon.  The festival I’m most sentimental about is Raksha Bandhan and my pakav (annoying) brother doesn’t allow anybody to become his rakhi sister !  He says, “I have only one sister and she is the only one who will tie rakhi on me.On the rare occasion that I am not in town the only one who is allowed to tie my rakhi on him is his daughter Meghna .”

 This year Raksha  Bandhan  is extra-special for Shabana.  “I have got an opportunity to present Mee Raqsam which is produced and directed by Baba. I can’t wait for its premiere on 21st Aug on Zee5. Was  I instrumental  in  Baba  finally taking the  plunge into  direction?  When we were kids I used to get away with bullying Baba but no chance now.”

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