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Slow Clap For Wendell Rodricks For Showing Madhuri Dixit Her Place



While waiting for a flight from Mumbai to Goa designer Wendell Rodricks did what more of us need to do.

He did some serious VIP shaming, when Madhuri Dixit, the highpriestess  of haughtiness, sauntered in with her entourage,  broke the queue to get her check-in done and then, to add insult to injury, was given the entire bus to board the flight  all for herself while the rest of the passengers sizzled and fumed at the boarding gate.

Wendell, always an activist,  took to Twitter to vent his resentment at this shamelessly preferential treatment and even got an apology of sorts out of the airline.

But where is the VVIP herself? As usual Madhuri Dixit remains distanced from the matter even as we once again focus on the brazen VVIP culture in our country whereby politicians and stars break the queue at temples and airports with the active and eager support of officials who are paid to ensure the customer doesn’t suffer.

Madhuri Dixit

In our country some customers are more equal than others .When Madhuri nonchalantly broke the queue to get on her flight and happily rode to bus with her entourage she couldn’t have guessed about the uproar to follow. She and her ilk of the super-privileged are so used to being given preferential treatment they  don’t know how much harm they cause to their image.

Madhu Dixit should issue an apology to all those whom she inconvenienced during the flight to Goa.This one gesture will win her more fans than all  the efforts she has made to make a comeback into the limelight ever since she returned from the US.

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