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Sonu Sood As A Metaphor In Senapathi



Sonu Sood

Sonu  Sood didn’t know it. But he features in the  new Telugu  hit Senapathi  directed  by  Pavan Sadineni.

In one sequence  the Bad Cop  played by Satya Prakash tells  the  Good Cop Naresh Agastya, “So I am the villain  Sonu Sood from before Covid and  you are the hero Sonu Sood after Covid.”

This is a reference to all the popular  villains’ roles  that  Sonu Sood has done  in Telugu cinema. After his phenomenal philanthropic work during the Pandemic, his fans in Andhra Pradesh do not want to see  him in villainous  roles.

Sonu Sood  admits there is  a moral conflict between his  onscreen and  real persona  after  his Covid-related work. “It is true the audience doesn’t want to see me in negative roles  any more. In fact I was shooting with Chiranjeevi Sir for  a Telugu film last year after the second wave, when he had to slap me for a shot. Chiranjeevi Sir refused to do . ‘How can I slap Sonu? The public won’t like it.’ The director had to change the scene.”

As for being seen  as a metaphor for real-life goodness as opposed  to illusory  iniquity Sonu  Sood has a  simple observation. “A  part  of the audiences are  simple-hearted  . They want to see me only  as a hero.”

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