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Sonu Sood On His Sister Malavika’s Entry Into Politics



Sonu Sood

Philanthropist-actor Sonu Sood created  quite  a stir on Sunday by announcing his  sister Malavika Sood Sachar’s entry into politics.

When I  contacted Sonu Sood his  response was this: “My sister  has always been into helping the needy and other charitable work ,  long before me. She  is a teacher  by profession for many years. When  the Pandemic started  she  went out of our way to  help the distressed. Her efforts to  come to the rescue of needy  students continues .She helps the ill , organizes camps…”

Sonu Sood says his  sister was  getting  offers from political parties for  years. “But she  was not ready earlier as her children were  young and needed  her to be at  home with  them. But  this time when I asked her if she would join politics , to my surprise she  agreed, arguing politics would give her a bigger platform to  help people.I’ve told her it would be very hard work and she  has promised me she would give  it her best  shot. So yes , my sister  is  entering politics.”

What  about Sonu Sood, has he  changed his mind about entering politics? “Not at all. My answer to your question remains the same. I don’t think I need  to get into politics to do the work that I want to do . I can be of service  to the nation without  politics. Aur  waise bhi agar ek party ko join karo toh doosra naraaz ho jayega(in any case  if I  join one political party, the  other political parties  will take offence).”

The proud brother says the impetus  to  join politics  for his sister came  from the people of their  hometown Moga. “In Punjab specially Moga people  wanted Malavika to  occupy a political platform. They urged her to do this.She has taken the plunge. I am sure she will be able to  use the platform  to  reach out to  more people.”

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