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Sudhir Mishra On Shooting His First Web Film With Nawazuddin



Although  the prolific Sudhir Mishra has enjoyed the  process  of shooting his first webseries The Serious Man for Netflix, he feels nothing can compare with the experience of making a  feature film.

“That collective experience of watching a film in a movie theatre is unbeatable. I will always remain  a filmmaker  first . Feature films are what  I  was destined to make in life. Having said that,  I must say the  experience of making a film for the digital market  was  challenging and  interesting,” confesses Sudhir whose last feature film for the movie theatres Das Dev, a revisionist  look at Saratchandra’s  Devdas was a  critical and commercial failure.

For Sudhir  Mishra,what makes a web-film as  interesting as  a feature for the big screen is  the treatment. “Not for a  minute was I required to cut down on my vision or budget. We shot The Serious Man  just as we would have shot it for the big screen.”

Working with  Nawazuddin Siddiquie was an interesting experience  for Sudhir Mishra.  “He plays a very interesting role of  a man from an underprivileged  strata of society. I enjoyed working with him. We also have a very talented Malayalm actor Akshat and a promising  actress Indira Tiwari.”

Sudhir is  very  happy  with the outcome. “I am quite  curious  to see how I am accepted  on this  new format. The streaming platform is  where  the action is these days.The Serious Man will  get a large  audience  automatically. I am waiting  for Netflix to announce the release date.”

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