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Sushant Singh Rajput Died A  Lonely Death!



Sushant Singh Rajput Died A  Lonely Death! 10

Nobody knows why  Sushant Singh Rajput  took his life all of a  sudden. That he  was  clinically depressed  is  now  an established fact  of the tragedy. But why there was no family member with him when they all  were  fully aware of his  condition   is  not known.

After the  actor’s death on Sunday,Sushant’s father  was seen in  a state of shock at  his residence in Patna. He  was  the  only son  in the family and extremely fond of his two sisters.  Sources reveal that  Sushant  was  in  and out  of  ill health for the past one month , and that one  or  the  other  of his family member would  drop in  whenever his  condition worsened, and  then they would return to their own lives and families.

 During his  last months he was  all alone  since his girlfriend  Rhea Chakraborty  was also unable to cope with his  acute depression.

 In  brief, and I say this with much  grief, Sushant Singh Rajput had no friends, no family,  no-one with  him towards  the end. It is also said   that  during Sushant’s  final year his life  was   controlled  by his girlfriend  Rhea Chakraborty.

Says a close friend of the actor,  “Ever  since  Rhea  moved in with Sushant he had stopped entertaining and meeting friends. He stopped going to parties,  stopped socializing. I hadn’t met him  for ages.He didn’t want to meet anyone. Ironically Rhea too  was not with him at the end. So he died  a lonely death.”

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