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Sushant Singh Rajput Was Looking Out For Rhea Chakraborty’s Career!

Actress Rhea Chakraborty who  was in  a relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput was summoned  to the Bandra police station  on Thursday morning where she was  questioned about  the Sushant’s death for  several hours.

 Rhea’s  role in  Sushant’s life  during the  last two years was significant. It is being said that she had  taken charge of   his professional commitments.

According to a  source in the know, “Rhea had begun to  take  Sushant’s calls since he had  gradually  become a recluse and had  stopped  attending to his calls.Rhea would diligently  make note  of all the  messages for Sushant  and pass them on to him.She  also  looked after his medication and  made sure he  took his medicines on time.”

 But then , the  equation between the  couple  changed  a few months  back.

“Sushant  stopped taking his medicines and  Rhea found it  impossible  to  cope with his condition all  on her own. She  left  Sushant’s place and moved back to her own  apartment,” says  the source.

But until that point when she left, they were in a very serious relationship.

“Sushant  was looking out for her career. He  wanted Rhea to be cast opposite him and  had sounded  out several producers. One  film to be produced by Vashu Bhagnani and directed by  Rumi Jaffrey co-starring Sushant and Rhea had been locked in .But their personal relationship  was on  hold. All  these stories  doing the rounds  about their wedding in winter is  plainly fantasy.  It seems unlikely that Sushant  was planning to marry  Rhea in  the  near future,” says  an informed source.

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