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Taapsee Looks Back At The Year With Gratitude



Taapsee Pannu

 The  talented Taapsee Pannu had a very crowded year.She had as many as  six releases. Not all  of them  did well  enough.

Realist that she is, Taapsee says  she is okay with that.  “Regardless  of  the boxoffice  performance my recent films  will be looked at kindly. I will never  regret them. There are so many films in the past  that didn’t do well. But they are  still quoted by film historians and  ordinary moviegoers. Inversely many blockbusters  from the  past are today forgotten.”

  Her takeaway  from the  past year? “What I’ve learnt during the past year is to not brood over  the failure  of some of my films. What makes me  happy and proud  is that  my films  will be relevant  years from now.No one can deny the  fact that  you have  to be  ready to receive  as much love as hate from the audience. Even God  can’t please everyone.  I am just an  ordinary mortal.  So  I am not going get into  analyzing and  brooding over my releases.”

  She is  proud of every film she  has done. ” I know that ten years  down the line when  I look at  the  films  I’ve done , I will  be proud of  them. I don’t know how others are going to look at them.   There  is  nothing in my  filmography I’d want  to change.”

Taapsee feels grateful  for the  career  that has fallen into her lap. “This  film industry has helped me grow older than my biological  age .Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know.  But I am glad when  people talk about my films they know I am  not  just a decorative doll in those films.”

 That she has  the  image of an actor who delivers   the unexpected is  a lucky stroke for Taapsee. “I am  glad   people think of my films  as something  different. I am glad my films have a  strong recall value. A   lot  of   actors don’t have that  kind of  an image. I  glad I have that. This  distinctive  image is  my biggest takeaway  from my journey so far.”

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