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Tandav Rakes Up JNU Issue



Tandav Rakes Up JNU Issue 12

Tandav, the eagerly awaited webseries on Netflix , has dared  to  venture  into dangerous territory.  The violence  on  the  Jawaharwal Nehru University  in 2019 has been raked up, with  actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub playing a  Kanhaya-incarnate  goading his fellow-students  into an uprising  against  political tyranny.

 Clearly taking the students’ side, the series shows the cops brutally  thrashing the students, male  and female  alike, and  a leery policeman asking a girl student which  of  the three  male students  accompanying her are her  boyfriend.

There is  also a farmers’ rally right  at  the start of the series where  again the police is  shown going on a rampage after getting calls from  mysterious political forces.While one admires  the  writers  of the series venturing into forbidden territory(religion and politics are considered  taboo on  OTT)   one  also wonders what affect this naked display of political outspokenness would have on  the series.

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