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Temple Built In Telangana For Sonu Sood!!!



Temple Built In Telangana For Sonu Sood!!! 12

 The messiah  of  the migrants Sonu Sood, no doubt the Indian  of  the Year,  is now upgraded  to a  godly status. He  has  now been officially anointed  in  a temple by  some of his fans  in Telangana.

Earlier,stars  like Rajinikant and  Chiranjeevi have  also  had temples built in their honour in Tamil Nadu , Andhra  Pradesh . But for Sonu Sood  it’s a  new experience. Still in disbelief Sonu says, “I  don’t think I’ve done anything to  deserve  this kind  of  love and adulation from  the people. I had no idea  that this was  happening. Even I  heard  about the temple in Telangana on the news today. I want to thank my fans in Telangana  for this honour.I  hope I never let them  down.”

Sonu feels his parents are smiling down on him at this very moment. “I just  feel it’s their  blessings and  the values that they instilled in me which have given me the  opportunity to serve the needy. I hope I continue to make my  parents,family and country proud.”

Sonu plans to  visit to temple in  Telangana soon. 

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