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The Kashmir Files: A Film Made At A Budget Of 6 Crores Has Made Rs 200 Crores



The Kashmir Files

They Can’t Believe A Film Made  At  A Budget  Of 6 Crores  Has  Made Rs 200 Crores,” Ram Gopal Varma on  The Kashmir Files

 Ram Gopal  Varma  is the first major  Indian filmmaker  to speak in support  of Vivek Agnihotri and  The Kashmir Files.

Speaking on the spectacular success  of  this “small’ film the intrepid frankspeaker Ramu chuckles, “Why are they not speaking  about the film? Because they are scared. A small film with no stars made at  a budget  of Rs 6 crores has  crossed  earnings  of  Rs 200 crores. You can’t BUY  that kind of success. Nor can you bully  so many millions of  people to  go  and see the  film. The Kashmir Files has shaken up all boxoffice  equations. Such a phenomenon happens  once in a bluemoon.”

About the  belief that  The Kashmir Files has succeeded due to the support from the Central Government  Ramu scoffs, “What has Chennai got to do with the BJP?And how many people  in the South   know  about what happened  to the Kashmiri Pandits?   In Chennai  The Kashmir Files  opened  in 3 theatres ; within  a week  it was being screened  20-25  theatres more. How  do you  explain this?”
How  does Ramu explain  it?  “It is  the content. The  story. Somewhere  this slice  of history has cut deep. It  has affected  people deeply. They are  moved by the story. This  is a  game-changer for  Bollywood. Now  you will have  many  filmmakers  jumping  in to do  their Kashmir Files. They will spend less than 10 crores on subjects  that   are powerful and real and hope to make the same  kind of profits as Vivek’s film. Even   if they  don’t make  200 crores,they will be  happy  with  100 crores  or even 50 crores.”

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