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The Liger  Fall-Out, Distributors Threaten To Go To Court



Liger To Get The Biggest Release

Far  more interesting than the film are  the behind-the-scenes shenanigans  pertaining to Puri Jagannadh’s catastrophic Liger. Since the release and  the film’s  historic  failure, many simmering layers  of discontent  and  ensuing  fall-outs  have been exposed.

While Karan  Johar who had no financial stakes  in the  dud project has cleverly disconnected  himself  from the Liger setback, the film’s leading  man Vijay Deverakonda has  also  dissociated  himself completely  from Liger and  its team: Vijay’s  on-the-floors second Telugu project Janaganamana  with  Puri has  allegedly been  called  off.

Producers Puri Jagannadh and Charmee Kaur  now stand  as the Liger distributors’ only go-to saviours. While there has been no  official statement  from the  producers on any compensation for the distributors , some of whom have lost money to  the brink  of bankruptcy, there were some  reports on how Puri intended  to  compensate  disgruntled distributors.

The latest on  that front is, Puri has apparently thrown his hands  up  in the  air and expressed his  inability  to  provide  any kind  of compensation to the Liger producers who are now understandably a very  angry lot.

One  now  hears from reliable  sources that  the Liger distributors  are going to court to get their rightful damage money.

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